December Newsletter

Volume 4.1
December 6, 2018

We have come to the end of another year.  It is a time for reflection and re-commitment to the things that matter to ourselves and to our communities. 

I wish you happy holidays as we find whatever peace and joy we can in this special time and gather around us what we need to go forward.  There are many challenges and opportunities ahead.  May we all meet them honorably and well.
Ever onward,
Jackie Royster,
CEO, Communities Who Know, Inc. ™

A Tribute to a Public Servant and a Friend

Ivory Lee Young, Jr, four-term member of the Atlanta City Council representing District 3, passed away on November 16, 2018.  He was memorialized on Friday, November 30th, at the Greater Springfield Baptist Church, and on Saturday, December 1st, at the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College.  Many colleagues and friends have shared thoughts, remembrances, and glowing remarks about his leadership and personal strengths, and about their own heartfelt loss.  He will be dearly missed by all of us.

What we can not permit to be lost in our tributes to Ivory is the model of leadership and advocacy that he displayed.  Certainly, he represented his constituents well, advocating in every way that he knew how for better qualities of life, for opportunities for robust engagement with policymakers, for opportunities for growth and prosperity.  With hard work, we can confidently say that he created a long list of successes for Westside communities. 

The question, though, is what was the character of that representation and that leadership?  Well, my summary would include the following:
  • Ivory was conscientious.  He was steadfastly present at all sorts of community-related events and activities.  Throughout the many, many activities that we organized in the Westside Communities Alliance, for example, we would look up, and Ivory would be walking in the door, often with his infamous hat in place.
  • He brought with him a positive spirit that he rooted every single time in the fact that the Westside was his home and that he was dedicated to working with others to get good things done.  He framed his efforts in a vision of great expectations, emphasizing the urgency to take advantage of whatever opportunities were available.  For Ivory, while he understood that there are many challenges, he chose to focus on the mission of working for a brighter da,y and, most clearly of all, he chose to see that our glass in Westside communities is half full instead of half empty.  He knew that the fullness was not arbitrary but made so by the potential, dedication, and hardworking of the people.  He was one of them.
  • He clearly believed in paying attention to both challenges and opportunities, in building relationships, and in forging collaborations of various kinds in garnering the strengths and connections necessary to make progress in addressing complex problems. 
  • In other words, with a priority for public service at the center, Ivory was a leader who sought to honor principles for responsible action that we embraced in the Westside Communities Alliance (and now in Communities Who Know™):  respect, inclusive process, communication, accessibility, reciprocity, mutuality, collaboration.
Ivory’s legacy of leadership is a legacy of hope, with a dedication to public service and honorable actions.  He has set a watermark for leadership and advocacy in Westside communities.  We will miss him, but he has left behind a challenge for leaders and advocates who will follow.  The challenge is to take up this banner and continue to move Westside communities forward in this critically important work forward. 

In the November Newsletter, we announced that Christi Jackson of the Conservancy at Historic Washington Park is the 2018 recipient of the The Society of Georgia Archives President’s Award.   This annual award recognizes individuals from outside the archival profession who contribute to it in significant ways. In her award letter, the President of the SGA made special note of Christi’s work overseeing outreach and advocacy efforts, her visionary leadership in planning for the park’s 2019 anniversary, and her production of the documentary Our West Side Story. As the Executive Director of the Conservancy, Christi was commended for demonstrating commitment to her community and an unfailing desire to its long standing legacy. On November 28th at the CWK Historic Preservation Seminar, Christi was presented the award by Sarah Tanner (Head, Archives Research Center, Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library), who is President of the Society of Georgia Archives.  Congratulations, Christi!

The Northwest Business Association invites all neighbors, residents, business, churches, key NW stakeholders, and committed individuals, groups and organizations to its monthly meeting.

Monday, Dec 10 @ 10:00am
At 3120 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30318

For more information, please call Ms. Gail Mapp: 404-625-6922.
The Ashby / Dr. MLK Jr. Merchants Association meets on the 3rd Monday of each month. This month’s meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec 17th. For more information, please send an email to: <mlkashbymerchants@gmail.com>.
Atlanta NPU Meetings THIS WEEK

2nd Tuesday (Dec 11th) at 7:00pm @ On The Rise Financial Center
810 Joseph E. Boone Blvd 
Atlanta, GA 30314

2nd Wednesday (Dec 12th) at 7:00pm @ Kipp Strive Academy
1444 Lucile St. SW
Atlanta, GA  30310

Visit the City of Atlanta’s site for more information:
Atlanta NPU Meeting Schedule
Click Here to Register
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