May Newsletter

Volume 2.9
April 30, 2020

Hello Everyone,
Here’s hoping that all of you are well during these challenging days.  Basically, the COVID-19 pandemic is quite relentlessly laboring on.  We must keep paying attention.  While we are at its mercy in so many ways, there are things that we still should persistently do to keep ourselves and others safe.  See the list below.
There is little surprise in my saying that this month there aren’t meetings or events to announce as we normally do.  There are, however, two critical milestones that we urge you to be mindful of:  the 2020 Census and being prepared to vote.  I hope you find the information below helpful.
With those point made, I can only imagine that you join me in being grateful to those who are working so hard on our behalf.  So many of them are the silent heroes who provide invaluable services to us on a daily basis but whom we just don’t typically appreciate enough.  Too often, we just expect them to be there, doing whatever they do, without even a kind word from us.  In times of trial, however, we are reminded that they deserve our honor and respect all the time, and now they deserve also whatever other types of support we might be able to provide.
​The one happy note to add is that it is indeed May.  Ordinarily, we are well into welcoming Spring, and we can certainly do that to the extent that we can do so safely.  Always important, though, is to celebrate the mothers in our lives.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  
Last but not least, my typical closing seems all the more fitting.
Ever onward and stay safe,
Jackie Royster
CEO, Communities Who Know, Inc. ™

This photo of Alabama voters was taken in December 2017 , and was featured in commondreams.org article.
“The ACLU hotline had numerous complaints on Tuesday from people who were told they could not vote because they were “inactive.” They had to wait for an hour and a half to fill out the necessary paperwork to cast a regular ballot.” (Photo: Democracy NC/Twitter)

CLICK for: Voter Registration and Absentee Ballots
2020 Census
Here are a few ideas for
how to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 
safely during shelter in place

Here are a few local options for takeout treats or special delivery:
  • Kupcakerie delivers locally for only $8 on any day except Sunday. Place your Mother’s day order in advance or arrange for pick up at their store in East Point.
  • French Market Flowers is a local florist that has pick-up and delivery options available for Mother’s Day bouquets
  • Proof of the Pudding in West Midtown has special mother’s day packages available that can include cocktails and crafts as well as family meals.
  • South City Kitchen accepting orders until Thursday, 5/7 for Mother’s Day Brunch curbside pick-up. Email Sarah Shaheen to place your order.
You can also click here for the AJC’s list of restaurants and caterers offering takeout specials for Mother’s Day 2020. And if your mom is not local, or in close enough distance to drop off a meal, you can consider:
If you have announcements that you would like to share, please note two important points:
  • The old email account for Westside Communities Alliance has been closed.  Please direct messages and send flyers and announcements to:  info@communitieswhoknow.com 
  • Currently, the CWK Newsletter will be posted monthly – in the first half of the month. Please submit your flyers and other relevant information to the email address above – as close to the beginning of the month as possible. Thank you!

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