October Newsletter

Volume 3.1
October 16, 2020
** Please note that the earlier email you received from Communities Who Know Inc.™ did not link to the final version of the October 2020 Newsletter. Please refer to this email dated October 16, 2020 and the links below instead. **


Well, welcome to Fall 2020. In our personal lives, in our community, in our nation, and in our world, these are very dangerous, even mind-boggling, times. Sadly, living in dangerous times that often feel irrational is not a new experience for many of us. These days, though, there just seems to be a compounding effect that is greatly oppressive on the spirit. What we all must remember, however, is that, despite ever present danger to life, limb, and spirit, we still have the opportunity and the obligation to act. In support of action, this newsletter has four quite specific messages:
  • To encourage all of us to be conscientious about taking care, to the extent that we possibly can, our own lives.  Our lives, quite literally, depend on our own vigilance—in this case, in two specific ways:  1) with regard to healthy practices to counter COVID-19; and 2) with regard to making sure that we are as knowledgeable as we can be about challenges and issues that matter to us so that we have the capacity to make good decisions for ourselves and our families.
  • To encourage every single citizen who might read this newsletter to vote, to vote early, and to use available tools to make sure that her or his vote has gotten to the right place and counts.
  • To take time to appreciate our community, its history, and the need to know the facts of our experiences.
  • To share announcements about ongoing work and action opportunities.
So, I invite you to peruse this newsletter. I hope that you have noted the branding update with this issue and ask that you be on guard for the launching of our new CWK website in December, as referenced below. In this issue, I hope that you will be encouraged and informed by the information that we are sharing.  If you have comments, please feel free to respond to:
Thanks again for: your steadfast attention to the many issues and challenges that surround us; for your commitment to keeping yourselves safe and healthy; and for your persistence in doing whatever you can for the ongoing viability and sustainability of our city.

Ever onward,

Jackie Royster
CEO, Communities Who Know, Inc. ™
If you have questions about voting processes and procedures, please see the Georgia Secretary of State website or click the blue button below: https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do.
To register to track your ballot, see the Fulton County webpage: https://fultonga.ballottrax.net/voter/.

Early in-person voting is also available from October 12th – Oct 30th for all counties at the State Farm Arena. It is accessible by MARTA and also has free parking for voters. Click here for information about early voting during the month of October.
My GA Voter Page
Links of Interest
With this issue of the newsletter, I am pleased to report that we are in the process of upgrading the Communities Who Know, Inc. website.  The new version of the website should be ready to launch by December 15, 2020, if not before.  In the meantime, listed below are several links that we invite you to preview.  They connect you with:  
  • the Inaugural Community Showcase for Historic Washington Park from the new Community Assets Portal of the CWK Data DashboardIf you are leading or actively involved in the management of a community organization (business, community service organization, arts organization, school, church, historic building, etc.) as a dedicated community resource, please be on the lookout for a short CWK Survey to confirm your interest in collaborating with us to create a short profile for your organization and perhaps to work with us, as well, to develop a community showcase.
  • the CWK Data Dashboard Education Portal to give you a look at the most recently available public data from the Atlanta Public Schools. 
  • two podcasts that you may find particularly interesting from Season 3 of the Building Memories Podcast Project.
  • a new video documentary—TEACH LOVE:  Exploring Ways to End Gun Violence in Our Community, directed by youth leaders in the CWK NextGen/ATL—Mays Cohort.
See each link below.
The CWK Data Dashboard
A showcase of the Conservancy at Historic Washington Park
A data update of the CWK Data Dashboard Education Portal
The CWK Data Dashboard Homepage
Building Memories Podcasts
The Wachendorff Nurseries were formed in the mid 1800’s by Edward Wachendorff, a German immigrant who came to the South during Reconstruction. Under him, the nursery grew to one of the largest in the southeast, and its plants provided the namesake of historic Vine City. In this episode, we explore the still standing home of the Wachendorff family.

Click here to listen to this episode on the Wachendorff Estate
The Martin Luther King Jr. corridor is a small strip of MLK Jr DR NW in Atlanta comprised of a tight-knit African American community that harbored all sorts of services and businesses. This episode focuses on the history of the neighborhood as well as on the opportunities and challenges of current development in this area.

Click here to listen to the episode on the Martin Luther King Jr. corridor 
CWK Next Generation –
Atlanta Youth Leadership Project
TEACH LOVE:  Exploring Ways to End Gun Violence in Our Community     
A video documentary directed by CWK / NextGen-ATL -Mays Cohort
Be reminded that the Communities Who Know, Inc. website, where all of the links above will be located, will be launched by December 15, 2020.

Atlanta Legacy Makers
A Tribute to Mayors Allen and Jackson

Atlanta Legacy Makers is a public commemoration of Atlanta’s inheritance exemplified by two Atlanta mayors, Ivan Allen Jr. and Maynard Jackson. The effort aims to embrace the legacy that Atlantans—now and next—are charged to carry forward.


Central Atlanta Progress, in partnership with the City of Atlanta, is launching an open competition for commission of an exciting project at the nexus of Atlanta’s beating heart, Woodruff Park.

This project will honor the legacy of our past, it will provide aspiration for our future, and it will activate our present. It will do so by:

  1. Creating a monument to honor the legacy of two pivotal Atlanta mayors: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. and Mayor Maynard Jackson, Jr.
  2. Commissioning a landmark artwork by a contemporary artist who aspires to Dr. King’s vision of Beloved Community as fervently as Atlantans do.
  3. Reimagining the public space on the north side of Woodruff Park, considering how the plaza meets the street at both Peachtree Street and Auburn Avenue, as well as how the space can be utilized for this project and other public activations and gatherings.

Please see the full Call and Support Materials on the home page of www.atllegacymakers.com

If you have announcements that you would like to share, please note two important points:
  • The old email account for Westside Communities Alliance has been closed.  Please direct messages and send flyers and announcements to:  communitieswhoknow2020@gmail.com
  •  Currently, the CWK Newsletter will be posted monthly – in the first half of the month. Please submit your flyers and other relevant information to the email address above – as close to the beginning of the month as possible. Thank you!
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