The Building Memories Project was initiated and developed by Jacqueline Jones Royster in the Fall of 2016 in collaboration with Steven Hodges and Gene Kansas. The series was launched in Spring 2017.


Current members of the team


Creator and Executive Producer

Jacqueline Jones Royster

Dean of Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and Professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication


Associate Producer and Technical Director

Steven Hodges

Director of IT, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts


Podcast Producer and Lead Interviewer

Stephen Key

Studio Director, Constellations, Inc.


Creative Partner

Gene Kansas

Founder and President, Constellations, Inc.


Administrative Coordinator

Joanna Gabriel

Executive Assistant, Ivan Allen College

Contributing Interns

20200426_004341 - YRH


Rachel Y. Hu
Industrial Design, Class of 2022
20200426_004341 - YRH


Amrithesh Paravath
Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2022
20200426_004341 - YRH


Charles A. Cardot
Physics, Class of 2020
20200426_004341 - YRH


Maura F. Currie
Public Policy, Class of 2019
20200426_004341 - YRH


Yonatan Weinberg
History, Technology, and Society,
Class of 2019

Special thanks to:

Eunseo Cho, Former Intern
Computer Science, Class of 2022
Mir Mohammad, Former Ivan Allen College IT Staff
M.S. in Cybersecurity, Class of 2020
Prachi Mehta, Former Intern
Economics, Class of 2019
Juliet Benjamin, Former Ivan Allen College IT Student Assistant
Computer Science, Class of 2018

Logo Designer

Adrianna Brown
Computer Science, Class of 2020

Web Designer

Everlin Wang
Literature, Media, and Communication, Class of 2019