The Building Memories team work together to research, develop, produce, and promote episodes, and to create appropriate designs to present them on the Building Memories website.

Project Director: Jacqueline Jones Royster
Technical Director: Steven Hodges
Technical Advisor: Stephen Key
Interns: Maura Currie, Charles Cardot, Yonatan Weinberg, Rachel Hu, Eunseo Cho
Administrative Assistant: Joanna Gabriel

Team members below had lead roles in the production of this podcast:

Executive Producer: Jacqueline Jones Royster
Co-Producer and Editors: Maura Currie and Charles Cardot
Interviewer: Jacqueline Jones Royster
Script Developers: Stephen Key and Charles Cardot
Narrators: Stephen Key and Charles Cardot
Audio Engineers: Charles Cardot and Yonatan Weinberg
Technical Director: Steven Hodges

Community Partners

We are grateful for the partnership of the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge – Atlanta and Constellations, Inc. on this episode.

We are also grateful to June Dobbs Butts (June 11, 1928 – May 13, 2019), Edward Driver, Marcel Reid, and Benjamin Barksdale for sharing their memories and insights in the production of this episode.