Brief Synopsis

This episode of Building Memories focuses on a small strip of MLK Jr DR NW in Atlanta dubbed the Martin Luther King Jr. corridor. The focus is on the history of the neighborhoods nearby and how they formed a tight-knit African American community that harbored all sorts of services and businesses. The episode then transitions to the current situation of the corridor as part of the ongoing development of the City of Atlanta, on how the evolving movement of African Americans has influenced change for the corridor, and on what current business owners think about the opportunities and challenges of this area. The episode ends with the specific viewpoint of one business owner in order to obtain a clearer sense of both the community and what being a business owner in this historic community really entails.


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Executive Producer:  Jacqueline Jones Royster

Co-producer: Todd Michney

Technical Director:  Steven Hodges

Interns:  Maura Currie, Charles Cardot, Yonatan Weinberg, Rachel Hu, Eunseo Cho, Amrithesh Paravath

Administrative Assistant:  Joanna Gabriel

Team members below had lead roles with this episode:


            Episode Narrative:  Amrithesh Paravath

            Photographer: Charles Cardot


Producer: Amrithesh Paravath

Interviewer(s): Charles Cardot, Jacqueline Jones Royster

Script Writer: Amrithesh Paravath, Jacqueline Jones Royster, Charles Cardot, Todd Michney

Narrator: Amrithesh Paravath

Musical Arrangements: Kevin MacLeod

Sound Editor(s): Rachel Hu, Amrithesh Paravath

Community Partner

We are grateful for the participation on this episode of: Rev. Harrison Anderson, Rev. Winston Taylor, Tillman Ward, and Kelly Brown; and for the partnership of the MLK-Ashby Merchant’s Association and the Beloved Community of English Avenue Neighborhood.