The Building Memories team work together to research, develop, produce, and promote episodes, and to create appropriate designs to present them on the Building Memories website.

Project Director: Jacqueline Jones Royster
Technical Director: Steven Hodges
Interns: Maura Currie, Charles Cardot, Yonatan Weinberg, Rachel Hu, Eunseo Cho
Administrative Assistant: Joanna Gabriel

Team members below had lead roles in the production of this podcast:

Executive Producer: Jacqueline Jones Royster
Co-Producers and Editors: Maura Currie, Yonatan Weinberg, and Charles Cardot
Interviewers: Maura Currie, Yonatan Weinberg, and Jacqueline J. Royster
Script Writer: Maura Currie and Yonatan Weinberg
Narrator: Maura Currie and Yonatan Weinberg
Musical Arrangements: Yonatan Weinberg
Audio Engineers: Maura Currie and Yonatan Weinberg
Technical Director: Steven Hodges

Community Partner

We are grateful for the partnership on this episode of The Patch Works Art and History Center.
We are also grateful to Jake Elsas, Leon Little, Pam Durban, Nina Elsas, and new and legacy residents of Cabbage Town for sharing their memories and insights in the production of this episode.